Our products meet the following requirements:

Indoor/Outdoor Glow Sign Boards for Banks, Offices, Factories (Industrial Name Boards), Traffic Name Boards (Reflecting), IT firms. For offices we offer office’s main name display board, double sided board, entrance door boards, and other name boards.

Factories, especially those looking to get ISO certification, can benefit from our range of name boards which meet international quality standards and specifications.


Digital glow sign boards

It offer you the beauty and looks of multicolour. Though a bit expensive digital glow sign boards are more attractive and look very professional. You can choose either ordinary lighting or true light as per your requirement.

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Value Added Services

Supreme quality and timely delivery are the secrets of our success. We make our customers happy by delivering what we promise. If we say it is a Philips choke in the final installation irrespective of the price negotiation!
As a local manufacturer and supplier we minimize transport cost to the customers of Chennai &Tamil Nadu and offer quality products at cheap and best prices. We value both existing and new customers and take equal care for both new orders and attending life fault for the existing installations.

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