Company Profile:

                    Enriched by an industry experience spanning more than a decade, Sharp Signs is well known for providing supreme quality products on time. Popular all over Tamil Nadu as a reliable manufacturer of glow sign boards the company enjoys the privilege of having a set of highly satisfied customers.
                    Powered by sophisticated machinery and highly skilled manpower, the factory of Sharp Signs is capable of producing quality glow sign boards of any size from small to medium and big.

Director Profile:

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Vision & Mission:

                    Our Vision is to carry forward the good will that we have as cost-effective and reliable manufacturer of glow sign boards to the future. We will strive to be a friendly manufacturer to our customers for ever as we are now.
                 Our Mission is to provide unmatched services and uncompromising quality to our customers. We take care to ensure that our customers remain satisfactory over many years after the installation.

Who we are:

                    SHARP SIGNS is an organization of good repute engaged in manufacturing and supply of supreme quality glow sign boards. We cater to both outdoor and indoor glow sign boards’ requirements of diverse industries from banks to factories to IT firms.

                    "Established Glow Sign Board Manufactures Popular All Over Tamil Nadu"

What we do:

                    We, SHARP SIGNS, manufacture an extensive range of products including digital glow sign boards, vinyl glow sign boards, Metal letters, Sun control films and glass itching films. We offer a plethora of options to our clients choose from.

                    "We offer a variety of high quality signage products at cost effective prices"

Our Clients:

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